BT. That it should come to this…

We all have stories like this.  A Big Company treats its own customers like cash cows for milking and ripping off.

It is about time someone stood up for the person being ripped off. and this is what this post is attempting to do.  Sadly for British Telecom, the perpetrators this time, I have lots of time and will see this through to the bitter end – but what about those others, maybe elderly or vulnerable, who cannot understand their bill and simply pay for an extra service that is added without permission or authorisation?

My BT Bill for December – which is what I was expecting
MY BT bill for the following month, January 2018 (and it has been the same for the following two after this) with the extra £6.50 charge, which I did not order, for services which are unusable

British Telecom started charging me for HD TV out of the blue starting January 2018.  I had not ordered it and I did not want it.

I disputed the charge and was informed this would be corrected.  Feb came and the matter had not been solved nor corrected.  So I called again and was told it would be sorted and this time £10 (or £20, I can’t remember) compensation for my trouble would be made.  This again placated me, but I made a note in my calendar to check as soon as the next bill was due.

That date came on the 17th March and, for the 3rd time, nothing had been corrected and of course not a sign of any compensation!  Could it be possible that BT was just ignoring the problem (of their own making and surely illegal) hoping it would go away?!

So I called again for the 3rd month running – and this time I am starting a list of what happens with this complaint right here as a permanent record.  I will tweet BT into the URL of this page as soon as it is uploaded.

Tuesday 20 March.

Today I made my 3rd call about this matter and after being put on hold decided to get another phone and tape the call.  The result is surprisingly effective.  The link to that recording is here!AoAAL1BgRLPmgdxU6lK5ytuHOVRRMQ

There is a lot of being on hold, but to avoid this interminable waiting you can jump to 12:00 minutes when Julian, the 2nd person I have spoken to after a guy called Hamza who initially dealt with me, appears dumbstruck for a short while when I inform him that I am taping the call; 19:50 minutes, when Julian reappears to inform me his manager will get back to me in 5 working days to see what they can do about a refund.  This is the important part of this call:  I again ask the question how this could possibly have happened, to which Julian replies it was “obviously a {incoherent} error” and reiterates the manager getting back to me in 5 days.  It was an abrupt ending to the call but poor old Julian was probably desperate to get away!

The video I mention in the tape recording, that supports my contention that I never ordered HD TV because no sane person would order HD tv from BT, (at least in my house) because BT are incapable of delivering HD TV is also now live and can be viewed on YouTube.  Please watch this, (with amusing commentary from my wife, whose analysis of the service  as “Shit” can not be disputed) as it shows that the broadband can handle standard definition TV quite well, but that the High Definition offering is unwatchable

My advice is for all readers is to go through your BT bills and check you are not paying for anything you don’t want.  If you are, then that not only is that a waste of money and you should stop any service you don’t use forthwith but this story shows you may never have ordered it in the first place, wittingly or not.

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