Chinese Elvis

The diverse Elvis spectrum

26 August 2023

Colchester Arts Centre

Sing, dance, and laugh along with these fabulous diverse Elvis acts. They wear big belts, they drink Stella in the dressing room but there's no mistaking their inspirational music. You'll be all shook up by this triple threat of diverse Elvii.

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The Jewish Elvis

Martyn Dias, aka Shmelvis, is a great musician, singer and has been a pal of Chinese Elvis for nearly 2 decades.

Black Elvis

The UK's Original

Colbert Hamilton first met Chinese Elvis filming an AOL television advert in Blackpool's Winter Gardens - that's how long these two have been pals.

Thank you very much

Thank you so much for last night. Everyone had a blast and you were fabulous!
— Louise
You were sooooo brilliant!
— Debbie
You were quality - and a nice jacket too!
— Steve