As of 2018, there are over 2,200 U.S. dollar billionaires worldwide, with a combined wealth of over US$9.1 trillion.

The population of the earth is 7.53 billion

A trillion is a million million (or a thousand billion). If you go by the less generous US system. Which we will.


I have been going on about Universal Income being better for more people than the actual financial measures recently announced by the chancellor in these corona stricken days. No one has really seriously tested the idea and I think it was a wasted opportunity. Anyway it becomes quite unimaginable quite quickly and billions and millions are all interchangeable for “a lot”

I happened across the half-hearted idea that maybe we as a society should not allow billionaires, but have a universal humane agreement: that anyone with $999.9999 million dollars has maxed out. Everything else you have to surrender to the world fund and you get a day named after you. I thought this not so stupid. On the contrary, having thought about it for a bit, I think it is a bloody good idea! I want to do more with the idea than just forward a wistful meme. I want to explain how it could work.

Let me talk you through what would happen. And remember, it would only affect 2604 people on the planet (all of whom would remain billionaires (minus $1.)).

Immediately, with the figures above, we would have a surplus of $6.496 Trillion.  This is aka £6496 billion. Let us apply the Universal income idea and divide that up equally per person on earth.  Each of the people, including babies, would get $862.

Now imagine if this money was not spaffed on formula milk (wasteful babies!) but had to be invested in something that was for the good of everybody – say rail or hospitals or wells or whatever the country needed.

UK with a population of 66.44 Million would have $57billion to spend.
USA, with 327.2 million would get so much that my calculator cant display it in normal numbers 2.82 x10 to the power of 11 ( don’t know where that symbol is on my keyboard).
To pick a random place, Honduras, their 9.265million population would receive $7.986billion.

And so on.  All to spend on something people need AND we would still have 2,604 billionaires knocking around the world. 

Rich and poor cartoon

Why are so many people against this?  And I don’t even mean the 2604 people this would be detrimental to?  It beats me. Please feel free to tell me why my back of a fag packet calculations are complete bullshit!

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