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Two Wongs Dont make a White
Elvis & Deng ...never seen in the same place at the same time...now you know why.



Paul is one of very few Elvi on the planet who can be linked to Elvis himself (as fellow actors) using the IMDB actor linking facility at University of Virginia ()

Elvis Presley was in Double Trouble with Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy was in Silver City with Billy Zane
Billy Zane was in Dead Fish with Paul Hyu

Elvis Presley
lived in Tennessee
lives in SE10
had a 68 Comeback Special
has a £6.80 setmeal special
was indebted to Sun Studios
is indebted to Sun Yat Sen
motto: Don't Be Cruel
motto:Do Be Cruel (to pro-democracy supporters)
started his professional life in a trio
started his professional life in a triad
manager was Colonel Parker
manager is Comrade Parker
had his GI period
has his MSG period
had one daughter
can only have one daughter (but really wants a son)
believed in saying Grace
believes in saving face


Its Good to be the King from Beijing

The hours are bad as ChineseElvis, but the perks are very good. There are twelve of them right here...

its amazing what you can get away with...



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