*** ChineseElvisSexyVegasShowgirls***

If you are looking to book the full package (and why wouldn't you? - ChineseElvis' full package is extremely full indeed), this is the option for you. ChineseElvis and his famous ChineseElvisSexyVegasShowgirls. They look lovely, they dance brilliantly and they also add some glamour to the proceedings by mingling with your guests prior to the show, perhaps meeting and greeting them. /span>

my wry grin is because the 5th ChineseElvisSexyVegasShowgirl is just out of shot....



***Who doesn't like big breasts??!***

Its hard to believe, but ChineseElvis is able to provide the large-breasted girl from Bob Geldof's party (see Famous Friends page) and as many of her equally talented friends as your budget can afford for an extra fee. They dance, they wear bits of string...its FANTASTIC!! Ask about details - If it works for Sir Bob, why not try it yourself? WARNING - Breasts like these dont come cheap - and in Elena's case they ARE REAL!! Remember you are paying by VOLUME. She's a good dancer too (but limits her performance to a mesmerising "pogo" dance). Admittedly, very little to do with Elvis, but Elena adds neccesary eye-candy to the show and writhes around during the set. Its worth it...

The ample Elena is happy to wrap herself in clingfilm if the occasion demands it - talk to me and we'll see how much that'll cost you!!She's not backward about coming forward!! Bless her... Elena leaves her own unmistakable imprints on Hollywood Boulevard

Unfortunately, Elena became unavailable recently - she emigrated to the US of A to find work. I think I spotted her in a 'Seymore Butts' feature recently, though from the angle, it was hard to tell. Rather than take down her pictures, I though they should be left up as a reminder of the good old days.


*** Sexy Sax Lady added to ChineseElvis' harem in bid to creep upmarket***

Kate plays the saxophone. And it sounds sexy. She wanders around your event, with her long legs all the way up to her waist, blowing away and making sweet music. With Kate making an early appearance, people might think your event is going to be quite classy. Its a good idea to raise expectations like this, because when ChineseElvis starts his act, the tone of the evening is lowered considerably...

Kate  relaxes with her saxophone

she's got a powerful set of lungs on herLike ChineseElvis, Kate shaves her armpits before going to work

If you would like to hire the sexy and talented Kate as an antidote to ChineseElvis, please dont hesitate to get in touch. Or if you would like to hire her without ChineseElvis that works too (though it makes him jealous...!!

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